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About truSculpt

truSculpt in action

This technology is clinically proven to provide an average of 24% fat reduction and tailors to patients’ individual needs.

Not all applications are approved in all geographies. Consult the Operator Manual for the indications approved in your area.

truSculpt technology


Three compatible handpieces give you even more versatility from truSculpt: hands-free 2 MHz 40 cm2, Handheld 2 MHz 40 cm2, Handheld 1 MHz 16 cm2.

Hand-held 2 MHz 40 cm2
Hands-free 2 MHz 40 cm2
Hands-free 2 MHz 40 cm2

Before and after results

Hear from our customers

"I can contour and tone the body to meet my patients' body goals. truSculpt can be used on multiple body areas simultaneously to reduce fat in small or large areas. With truFlex, we can treat multiple muscle groups at the same time in a series of 15-minute treatment sessions."

Tahl Humes, DO

VITAHL Medical Aesthetics, Nashville, TN

“We can target the muscles that patients want to see lean and sculpted, and they experience functional improvement as they become stronger. These treatments also increase basal metabolic rate, as the patient enjoys increased muscle mass in as little as four sessions."

Arash Moradzadeh, MD

AM Facial Plastics, Beverly Hills, CA